Measure B cost unjustified

Reader Input
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The proponents of Measure B in Newcastle use skyrocketing insurance costs as a scare tactic and challenge you to call your insurance agent. So I did. My agent told me that he asks two questions related to firefighting services. The first question is whether my house is within five miles of a fire station. He explained that I can answer yes to this even if the Newcastle Fire Station is closed (Downtown Auburn, South Auburn and Penryn are all within five miles). The second question is regarding fire hydrant location. That will not change with or without passage of Measure B. My agent told me that my insurance premium will not change based on the closure of the Newcastle Fire Station. This may not be true for all residents within the fire protection district, but I won’t pass judgment on where people have chosen to live (further than five miles from a fire station) if they don’t ask me to subsidize their fire insurance costs with the Measure B taxes. And one more thing. In Penryn the fire assessment is $75 per house, with vacant parcels paying nothing. We already pay more than $75 in Newcastle and it will increase to over $225 if Measure B passes and vacant parcels pay also. What’s up with that difference? I have to say no to Measure B. BEN GRAY, Newcastle