Measure B a grand sum

Reader Input
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Our family has lived in Newcastle over 40 years. We have been active in 4-H, Long Valley Grange, have supported raising money for our local kids. We love our community and all the folks who live here. This is my second written opinion on Measure B (Newcastle Fire). I have continued my research on this issue. I understand what the board and interested citizens are trying to accomplish, however, what are we property owners actually getting? We are being asked to vote on this tax to fund a very large debt for a very long time ($1.5 million to $2 million) for a new fire station. Each parcel of land you own (residential or bare land) will be charged $220.65 per year. If you own two parcels, your new total for Newcastle Fire would be $440 per year. Remember to add an additional $150 per year (per resident) – only all rural property owners. AB29 was passed and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown and proposed to begin this September. This grand sum is unacceptable to me. As far as I know we are still under SRA (State Responsibility Area.) Cal Fire always responds with air if needed. We experienced a grass fire on new Auburn/Folsom Road and were served by South Placer, Penryn, Newcastle, Maidu and Cal Fire (trucks) plus the small spotted plane from Grass Valley. Newcastle does not have an ambulance; therefore they would come from South Placer or Auburn. So, what is the answer? 1) Find a suitable or fixable location for a station. 2) Could we consolidate (who wants us – not a very large tax area?) 3) Or perhaps we could be split up and join closer fire districts. Yes, taxes would be added but not to the tune of the percentage they are asking for. Still no on Measure B. SUSIE BROWN, Newcastle