Measure B ?toon misleads

Reader Input
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Andy Lukkonen’s editorial cartoon from the June 20 edition implies that the community objecting to the 300 percent Measure B tax increase imposed on the homeowners of the Newcastle Fire District will result in their homes burning to the ground.
Mr. Lukkonen has not done his homework.
Those opposing Measure B are not trying to undo it. We are attempting to modify it to provide for the needs of the community and the firemen without bankrupting the homeowners.
We feel it is unnecessary to build a firehouse to rival Windsor Castle. Leave wasting money to the royals.
As an aside, depending on the fire district, 50 to 80 percent of fire calls are not for fires. Is it really necessary to send an $800,000 fully-manned firetruck to aid grandma who has fallen and can’t get up? Is it about public safety or job protection? Hmm, just askin’.
In 1997, the Newcastle Fire District passed Measure F, a tax that was imposed primarily to provide for salaries and benefits for the firemen. The firemen still don’t have benefits. Where did the money go? How will Measure B money be spent?
Those questions and many others have been asked of the fire board and all we get in response are shrugs and vacant stares. I would urge Mr. Lukkonen or anyone at the Journal to pick up a phone, they’re fairly simple to operate, and ask some questions. Maybe you will have better luck than we did.
John Downs, Newcastle