Measure B will help save lives

Reader Input
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Until Feb. 24 I had little interest in Measure B, but that was before I required Newcastle Fire Department’s medical response services. At 4 a.m. on the 24th I was suffering from a medical emergency. Within three minutes of my husband’s 911 call Newcastle firefighters were at our door. My emergency was the scariest event I have experienced. I found comfort in how quickly the firefighters arrived, knowing they could care for me while an ambulance was en route. The ambulance took another five minutes and we are not sure how my health would have further declined during that time. Much attention is focused on a possible increase in insurance rates if Measure B does not pass. More importantly, we should focus on an increase of serious injury, death, or loss of property if we do not have a local fire district. Many people feel Measure B is not the best way to raise funds for the Newcastle Fire Protection District. It may not be the best way to raise funds, but it is one way to collect the money needed to maintain fire and medical response services in our area. Thank you, Newcastle Fire. Desiree Swift, Newcastle