Measure D will be money well spent

Reader Input
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For and against!
I totally understand Donna McCloskey’s frustration in her letter to the Journal (“People getting taxed mightily,” Reader Input, April 10) regarding the new $150 fee being charged to “rural residents” by the state of California. I, too, am definitely against this “fee.”
As much as I am against the $150 fee for “rural residents,” I do support the upcoming “Measure D.” Measure D is asking each resident to pay an additional $40 to maintain the level of fire service and medical response that we have become reliant upon for our safety and health. I also look at the cost if we do not pass this measure.
If cutbacks are made to our fire departments, our home insurance could possibly be increased significantly, or worse still, be canceled due to lack of adequate fire service. I am willing to pay the additional $40 to save what could be several hundred dollars in increased home fire insurance. Yes, I realize we pay property taxes that include fire protection but I also realize that thanks to Prop. 13 our property taxes have a limit. This additional $40 would also go toward the cost of replacing/repairing aging firetrucks which is something that we tend to forget.
I realize these are difficult times for everyone. We, too, like many others have been affected by the bad economy causing the loss of employment and then we lost our home in the 49 Fire, from experiences like this you learn what is important in life.
Fran Kehoe, Auburn