Measure gives away taxpayer funds

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The ?News and Views? program on Wave Broadband featured a debate on Measure A. During a back and forth with Todd Stenhouse of Preserve Auburn, Kevin Hanley once again denied that Measure A enables local politicians to give away taxpayer funds. At that moment, Stenhouse presented Hanley with a report from Auburn?s City Attorney showing Hanley?s assertion to be false. I decided to look the reference up for myself at and sure enough, there it was. To be clear, gifts of public funds are currently illegal in the city of Auburn. That will change if Measure A passes. His repeated assertions to the contrary confirm that Mr. Hanley either doesn?t know (I doubt that) or seems not to want to come clean with the public about what is really in Measure A. But at least we now know one side has decided not to always speak truthfully. And that is a very important factor when deciding how to vote. Another reason why I?m voting no. Patricia Grenfell, Auburn