Measure A invites problems

Reader Input
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At the May 3 debate on Measure A (“Charter debate evokes passion,” Journal, May 3), there was some debate over whether the city council can give away taxpayer funds. Here are the facts. Today they can’t. If Measure A passes, they can.
A Placer County Superior Court judge has affirmed as much in the Measure A lawsuit ruling. More importantly, the city attorney confirmed this fact in a June 28, 2010 report to the city council. Read it for yourself — it’s on pages 11 and 12.
The city attorney included other warnings about the negative consequences Measure A could invite to our city, including more lawsuits and more special-interest-backed ballot proposals.
The prospect of under-qualified contractors being awarded city contracts is also an issue, a fact that has recently led to delayed and over budget construction in the charter cities of Palo Alto and Oceanside.
Bottom line — Measure A invites problems, not solutions. Vote no.
Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn