Measure A invites problems

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Over the last 53 years I have been proud to live, work and raise my family here in Auburn. I spent eight of those years on the City Council, and two as Mayor. And together with so many great friends and neighbors, I have always tried to live the values of thinking Auburn first, and preserving the things that make it great. We struggled to preserve our fair grounds?something Governor Reagan said, ?was a fair too tough to die.? We struggled to preserve the Court House, transforming it from a run-down building into a functional, stately and defining building in Auburn. Today we are struggling to preserve the laws that have served Auburn well for more than 125 years. These laws protect taxpayers from corruption, frivolous lawsuits, unnecessary financial burdens, outside special interests, and cronyism. The fact is, Measure A does not. In fact, any objective review of the measure shows that it invites these problems to our small town. Throughout this campaign, we have seen a small group of self-proclaimed ?elites? wage a relentless and unfortunate effort to smear, intimidate and even sue Measure A?s opponents into silence. That is not a case for rewarding this group with more power. It is further confirmation of the fact that Auburn is working just fine as it is. On June 5th, vote to Preserve Auburn. Vote No on A. Hank Gonzales Former Auburn Mayor