Measure K falls short

Reader Input
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I supported the Measure B parcel tax for the Newcastle Fire Protection District (NFPD) which passed with a 68.7 percent vote. Measure B provides the revenue flow needed to build a 50-year fire station that meets all code requirements, fair salaries and benefits for firefighters, covers all overhead costs as well as equipment repairs and replacement needs over the years. I reject this Measure K idea of a tin building with a mobile home to house the firefighters. Measure K proponents say the $897,000 collected over the next three years will retrofit the old fire station or build a new one to code. The fire station alone will cost at least $1.5 million. Then the mere $30 a year parcel tax remaining is evidently supposed to cover fair salaries and benefits which they say will support overhead costs, replacement of the big tin structure and mobile home every few years and yes, even buy what firefighters actually need to fight a fire like: special training, trucks, gear, tools, etc. You do the math. Measure K falls short. Measure (K)ills the Newcastle Fire Department. It may take a couple of years but it will go broke. When the Newcastle Fire Station closes, it will affect your property values, increase your fire insurance and jeopardize the safety and security of our community, families, friends and neighbors. Don’t be bullied into supporting this pie-in-the-sky measure. Measure B provided the funds we need to move forward. So let’s do it. Be smart and be safe. Do not support Measure K. Elinor Petuskey, Newcastle