Measure keeps local fire protection

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I am writing this letter today to help garner favor for Measure ?E?, the measure that is being placed on the June ballot by the Placer Hills Fire District (PHFD). Many people in the community are confused or have a misunderstanding of this measure due to the proposed illegal Tax, errrr, ? fire? fee instituted By Governor Brown, or they think that for some reason the fire district spends its money frivolously or without regard to what it takes in. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Lets play make believe for a moment. Lets pretend that a couple (PHFD) have two nice jobs. But the office of the wife?s job, Placer County, decides to down size her office and now that couple makes one third less than they did before. On top of that, the corporate office (the State), decides to eliminate the wife?s job all together and now that couple makes half of what they made before. Now, this couple has to make some very drastic decisions about how they prioritize their budget. They have to stop putting money in their retirement accounts, make cuts in their daily, weekly and monthly budgets, and finally they have to start eliminating services that they have been subscribing to for many years. Now, lets pretend that the corporate office the wife used to work for decides to charge all of their ex-employees for the privilage of once working for them. Well this is what has happened to Placer Hills Fire. This is not about misappropriated funds, this is not about bad planning, this is not about spending outside of one?s means. This about the county and the state taking more and more money away from Placer Hills Fire while at the same time the economy takes a fall so that money from new construction about disappears. And, the good ol Governor has proposed to impose a fire tax, errrrrrr, ?fee? on all residents within the district with little to none of the money received by the state coming back home for fire protection in this county, let alone in the Placer Hills Fire District. The State?s Fire tax, errrr ?fee? is in no way, shape, or form going to be spent to assist those living in the Placer Hills? district. Cal-Fire is only responsible for fires started or extended outside of personal property. If your house or garage is on fire Placer Hills is the responsible agency for protection, and investigation of that fire, not Cal-Fire. And Cal-Fire has no, I repeat ?NO? paramedics on their fire engines in the vicinity around Meadow Vista, Applegate, or Weimar. Placer Hills has a paramedic on their engines 24 hours a day, seven days a week at both their Meadow Vista station and Weimar station. This will probably not be the case if measure ?E? does not pass. The people who live within the district can be almost certain that their will be drastic cuts in staffing, extended response times, and greater threat to life and property if Measure ?E? is not passed. So please do not fall for people telling you that the District needs to learn to live within their means, or learn to work with less, or try to confuse you by trying to lump Governor Brown?s Tax, errrr, ?fee? in with Measure ?E?. It is simply a case of lost funds equals lost services. There comes a point where no matter how much that couple cuts, they will finally have to break down and sell a car, stop paying the utility bills, and possibly move out of their house. Lets make sure that Placer Hills Fire stays in their house. Tim Robinson, Meadow Vista