Measure L deserves yes

Reader Input
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Over the past 10 years the Auburn Union School District has been forced to make major cuts to its budget. The state has cut nearly $3 million meant for Auburn’s classrooms. For a small district like ours this amount has nearly brought the district to its knees. Trying to find additional money to cut from an already extremely lean budget has been painful. Our teachers have taken unpaid furlough days, our administrators have taken what amounts to a 14 percent cut, and sadly many of our support staff have been laid off. Programs have been cut, class sizes have increased and a school was even closed. There is nothing left to cut that wouldn’t directly impact our students. That’s why a grassroots effort is pushing for Measure L. The measure would create a stable funding source that goes directly into the classrooms, but still ensures independent oversight to make certain the funds are spent wisely. Please join me in voting yes on Measure L. Let’s save our schools. Daniel Berlant, board member, Auburn Union School District