Measure L good investment

Reader Input
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There are many good reasons to vote yes on Measure L, the local schools funding measure. Good schools are the linchpin of any thriving community and represent an investment in our future. But, as a property owner myself, I want to speak directly to those impacted by the proposed assessment: property owners. Measure L is a good investment for property owners because it protects and enhances the value of our property. There is a strong correlation between property values and the quality of the public schools in the community. In the Bay Area, the difference between home prices in areas with good schools versus declining schools is stark. In Cupertino, which has one of the best school districts in the Bay Area, homes are priced sometimes 30 percent higher than homes in neighboring school districts. If your home’s worth $100,000, for example, a 10 percent swing in property value is worth $10,000. That’s not chump change. I urge property owners to protect their asset and join me in voting yes on Measure L. I consider this a $59-a-year insurance policy for my home value. Plus, I get the added benefit of helping Auburn’s children receive a quality education. Rob Haswell, Auburn