Measure A measures up

Reader Input
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I?ve been impressed with the extensive support of our community leaders for Measure A. Eight former Auburn mayors, McCann Award winners and the 600-business-strong Auburn Chamber of Commerce support Measure A. Many residents who volunteer their time and money to build a stronger community support Measure A. These leaders are the doers in our community as opposed to the armchair critics who just complain. Auburn should have more local control so that our city council is able to custom-design ordinances that directly address our specific needs. Auburn should have the ability to keep the cost of sewer repair bills and other public works projects like a Streetscape expansion as low as possible. Auburn should vote to permanently support those volunteers who work on city projects and make sure that never again will a state law threaten their good works. Let?s vote to maximize local control for Auburn. Let?s vote for Measure A. Mark R. Miller, Auburn