Measure A a power initiative

Reader Input
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The real power behind Measure A, the Auburn charter, is the shift of power away from “we, the people” to “they, the electors.” If you actually read the charter, the key sentence is: “As provided by state law, this charter, and any of its provisions, may be amended by a majority vote of the electors voting on the question.” This is the most powerful part of the charter. We, the citizens, lose the majority of our voting power to the five electors. Why would you want to do that, as an American? This is the main argument for the charter, “local control.” What it really should say is total control by us, the electors. The other argument is, “there are many successful charter cities.” Sorry, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There’s nothing broken locally in Auburn. There are over 400 general law cities, and just over 120 charter law cities. For every successful charter city, multiple general law cities (like Auburn is now) can be brought to bear as a success. Vote no for the power grab. Keep your right to vote. Ken Hower, Auburn