Measure A a protective step

Reader Input
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Folks, here is the question I have yet to hear answered. Why would a Sacramento special interest group pony up $25,000, hire a treasurer from Sacramento and a professional political operative from Folsom (note: who now lives in Auburn) to run this campaign? Auburn is a town of about 12,000 people, with very little going on that should interest that special interest group. So it isn’t about Auburn, specifically. It seems to be about the idea that once local communities begin thinking for themselves and charting their own courses, the ideology endorsed by the special interest group (prevailing wage, et al) begins to erode. This is turf protection, pure and simple. The irony is, the very thing the opponents of Measure A are “warning” us about (special interests coming in and running Auburn’s business) is the very thing they are doing in opposing it! Come on, Auburnites. Time to get the blinders off. The barn is on fire. Sacramento is adding fuel. Yes on Measure A is the “fire protection” we need. Wayne Manning, North Auburn