Measure sends money to attorneys

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The Measure A debate rages on. Pundits may speculate about who?s winning, but one thing is clear: the lawyers are making out like bandits. Auburn?s ?part time? City attorney has already earned almost $30,000 trying to silence Measure A?s opponents, only to lose. Because the lawsuit involves the right to free speech, the City may have to pay the other side?s attorney fees. This is just a preview of what?s to come if Measure A passes. Under the law, a charter city may only regulate in the area of ?municipal affairs.? What is a municipal affair? No one knows. Not even the California Supreme Court. In 1991, the Court declared that the term evades an ?exact definition? but must be decided on a case by case basis. As a former appellate court attorney, I know this is an invitation to endless litigation. Maybe a city like Sacramento with a staff of full-time attorneys can defend these lawsuits, but it would be a disaster for a small town like Auburn. So if you?re planning to vote for Measure A, just be aware of what you are really voting for?-sending mountains of tax dollars into the City Attorney?s pocket. Paul Berger, Auburn