Measure A shortchanges

Reader Input
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As a founding member of the League of Placer County Taxpayers, I?ve spent the last 40 years fighting for transparency and fiscal responsibility in government. I oppose Measure A because it fails to meet the standard taxpayers deserve on both fronts. The League of California Cities recommends that prospective charter cities form independent citizen groups to evaluate the pros and cons of these proposals before they are sent to the ballot. This kind of process is the best defense against the unintended consequences that charters have too often brought to unsuspecting communities ? like higher local taxes, runaway deficits, corruption and even bankruptcy. And Auburn taxpayers are protected from those problems under current law. Unfortunately, Auburn?s politicians not only rejected the League of Cities? recommended approach, they spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to keep local citizens from learning the downsides of this proposal ? to include its allowance of increased compensation for politicians, gifts of taxpayer funds, higher fines and penalties on taxpayers, and vaguely written provisions dealing with contracting and mandates that invite cronyism and even more costly lawsuits. I don?t oppose all charters, but I do oppose those that give taxpayers the short end of the stick. That?s what Measure A does. And that?s why I whole heartedly endorse a ?no? vote. WALLY REEMELIN, Meadow Vista, founding member and former president, League of Placer County Taxpayers