Measure A for a stronger Auburn

Reader Input
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Our dysfunctional state government has a $16 billion budget deficit and for the eighth year in a row California was ranked by the nation?s CEOs as having the worst laws for job growth. State legislators will, instead of getting their own house in order, be targeting local governments with more expensive state mandates. For the foreseeable future, Auburn will have to focus on surviving in dangerous seas. Right now, Auburn is like a small ship that is being clobbered by the huge waves. Measure A, by giving more local control to Auburn residents, is like reinforcing our small ship with more steel and watertight integrity. Measure A is consistent with the fiscally conservative values of Auburn residents. If you want to save money on sewer repairs and Streetscape expansion, support Measure A. If you want your city council to have the option to enhance public safety, from animal control to fire safety, support Measure A. If you want to permanently support Auburn?s volunteers, support Measure A. If you want to tightly restrict city council member compensation and pay on boards and committees exactly as specified in state law, support Measure A. If you want to prohibit city council members from ever collecting a city pension, support Measure A. Measure A presents an excellent opportunity to strengthen Auburn for the challenging times ahead. Kevin Hanley, mayor of Auburn