Measure A vote shows "disconnect"

Reader Input
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I will preface my comments that I live outside the Auburn city limits but watched the events surrounding Measure A closely, mainly because I am a business owner within the city limits and was concerned about possible ramifications if the charter initiative passed. One of the arguments both sides made was Auburn is a small town of approximately 13,000 people. Let?s spare the rhetoric after that. What concerns me, and should concern the citizens of Auburn, is that all five of the elected city council members were 100 percent ?pro? Measure A. Yet two-thirds of those who voted voted Measure A down. The numbers indicate there is a serious ?disconnect? in the relationship between the elected officials of this beautiful small-town community and the ?will? of those that put them in office. One thing is for sure. We all have the right to vote and should exercise that right on every occasion. Maybe the citizens of Auburn will further express their ?will? in future elections on who will represent them on the city council moving forward. Michael Burke, Auburn