Measure will 'greatly benefit' Auburn

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As a retired Placer County Supervisor who represented Auburn, I have closely followed ?Measure A? since its? inception. If voters want to believe the nay-sayers and carpet baggers that is their perogative. However, there is a positive side to this discussion. The people who support Measure A do so with informed intelligence after attending many public meetings. Some people didn?t attend these meetings because they didn?t know about them despite notification and others, I believe, felt they didn?t need the information. Too bad for these uninformed people. Why? Because ?Measure A? will greatly benefit the City of Auburn in the many ways that have been mentioned before by those who have studied this issue. In my opinion, the most important benefit to the City of Auburn will be retaining LOCAL CONTROL so its? citizens will not be under the thumb of a dysfunctional State of California government! Harriet White Retired Placer County Supervisor