Media control alive in Auburn

Reader Input
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Yesterday my wife and I had a late lunch at (a local restaurant), a place we enjoy frequently. The two TVs behind the bar were both showing dirt bike stunts, something that really doesn?t interest me. I asked our waitress if the TV closest to us could be changed to something else. Nobody was watching that TV, and she said ?sure? and picked up the remote and asked me what I wanted. I said Fox News. She said they won?t put Fox on. She said, ?no news or opinion shows. No Fox, no MSNBC, no CNN, etc.? I couldn?t believe what I was hearing! Had I been whisked off to North Korea, China, Russia? She said they were too controversial. I asked her if I had been there at noon and requested KCRA 3 Reports at Noon would she put that on and she said ?no.? I will not share her name to protect her from the embarrassment of her stupidity. We finished lunch and went home where I put on Fox News. The first stories were an update on the little boy in New Jersey who went missing 33 years ago, an update on the first commercial rocket delivering supplies to the international space station and an update on the young lady in Georgia who has lost a foot, a leg and both hands to the flesh-eating disease. Hardly the stuff to precipitate bar fights, in my humble opinion. I had asked the waitress if this was the owner?s policy and she said not really, but that they would back her up. Get real! What?s next? No football rivalry games (49ers vs. Raiders), no baseball (Giants vs A?s)? Does that create too much controversy, too? Mike Nickey, Auburn