Media never reported truth on Iran hostage crisis

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U.S. media consolidation is anti-democracy. Information is the lifeblood of democracy.  The U.S. media never told us that the CIA and British helped overthrow Iran's Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq in 1953 because he interfered with U.S. and British oil interests. Most outside the U.S. knew this, especially the Muslim world. U.S. media also didn't tell us the reason for Iranians storming the U.S. embassy on Nov. 4, 1979 was to prevent another U.S. sponsored coup.  Newspapers in other countries reported it as the reason given by the Iranians for the hostage taking. In 1999 the National Security Archive won a lawsuit against the CIA confirming this. In 1980 Ronald Reagan was challenging President Carter in a close race. He understood that Carter would win if the hostages were released before the election.  Reagan, vice president candidate (former CIA Director) George H. W. Bush, and campaign manager (CIA officer) William Casey, formed a team of 120 foreign-policy and intelligence professionals.  Casey, Edwin Meese, and the now Secretary of Defense Robert Gates ran the October Surprise group.  Reagan had informants at the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Council and in the White House Situation Room. This enabled Reagan to know secrets regarding President Carter's negotiations with Iran, including that Carter was about to have the hostages released. Gates, Robert McFarlane, Casey, and George H. W. Bush met with Iranian cleric Karrubi in Paris on the weekend of Oct. 18, 1980 and arranged for Iran to hold the hostages until after Reagan was inaugurated ” treason! Carroll Nast Colfax