Meet suicide with empathy

Reader Input
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We feel anguish and pity for Ms. Regina Hopley (Reader Input, Nov. 17). Her sarcastic statements concerning the suicide barrier, her objection to helping others when most in need and her reference to “taking your medication” appears naive and wanting of empathy, love and spirit. Ms. Hopley’s sarcasm pales to the depth of hopelessness felt by one who would stand upon the wind-swept railing above the jagged rocky riverbed to step into certain painful death because at that time it is their only perceived solution. What medication overcomes unremitting chronic pain or disability, loss of loved ones or sudden news of untreatable and fatal illnesses or impending death? What medication should recently unemployed parents take, now without medical insurance and whose children are soon to be homeless? What medication mends destroyed marriages and broken families? What medication finds jobs for the unemployed in this economy? What medication repairs the irreparable physical, emotional and brain injuries of our war veterans? People come to suicide for many reasons ranging from mental illness to profound, overwhelming despair and defeat, producing greatly distorted reasoning. Help begins with the barrier; then requires the compassion, love, spirit and empathetic help of others. Kenneth and Launa Jones, Auburn