Memories of Olympics endure

Reader Input
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The Journal articles about the Squaw Valley Olympics have triggered many memories (Jan. 5, 7). I attended Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco and was a member of the A Capella Choir led by Dr. Jack Duling. We were chosen to participate in the opening ceremonies. Disney’s ceremony wouldn’t compare to today’s but was impressive for that time. We stood for what seemed like hours on the side of a hill in snowdrifts up to our knees with snow falling heavily. When the band played the “Parade of the Olympians,” we paid more attention to the horn players trying to keep their lips from freezing to their mouthpieces than to the athletes marching into the arena. We held our breath as Andrea Lawrence skied the flame down Papoose Peak using no poles. Speed skater Kenneth Henry circuited the arena and lit the torch. Figure skater Carol Heiss recited the Olympic Oath. We were standing directly under the release of 2,000 homing pigeons. We sang four selections with the combined bands accompanying. And then it was over. We climbed back on our buses, bodies numb, wiping pigeon poop off our jackets, but happy to have been a small part of an historic event. It’s a memory of a lifetime. Anne Gamble, Auburn