Men meditated on women’s suffrage

Reader Input
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The following is a letter written to the editor of the Placer County Republican newspaper on Oct. 5, 1911: Of all the questions involved in the Constitutional Amendments to come before the electorate of California on the 10th day of this month, the question of equal suffrage is most vitally important in its dealings with the attitudes of moral and economic questions. It is an outstanding question rapidly forging itself to the front, and is commanding the most earnest attention of the civilized nations of the earth … California has ultimately been awakened to a sense of right and duty, and thousands of men are silently meditating and wondering whether there is any valid reason on earth for not conferring upon women the same political rights and privileges as have heretofore been granted to the male portion of the community. Women are entitled to the ballot exactly upon the same ground and for identical reasons that men are entitled to it, and any attempt to deny or curtail that privilege is a farce and a travesty upon justice. David Griffith, Auburn