Men who caused blast in Auburn apartment starting sentences

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One of the men who caused an explosion and fire in an Auburn apartment while making a drug has started his jail sentence and the other will begin his term in November. Shea Hunt, 36, began his six-month sentence in Placer County Jail Monday and Ty Joseph Denton, 26, will report to the jail Nov. 8 to serve five months, according to Art Campos, spokesman for the Placer County District Attorney’s Office. According to Campos, Hunt and Denton pleaded no contest to the felony charge of manufacturing a controlled substance called “honey oil” in the bathroom of a unit at the Auburn Court Apartments complex. The men were making the drug, which involves the packing of marijuana into a PVC pipe and the use of butane, March 30 when the explosion and fire occurred, Campos said. The two men were injured during the explosion. Judge Richard Curtis sentenced the men Oct. 1. They have also been ordered to complete three years of probation, pay $12,550 in restitution for damage done to the apartment’s bathroom, pay fines of $270 each and seek drug counseling. They must also take drugs tests and submit to search and seizure, according to Campos. According to Campos, a 17-year-old boy also admitted to one count of making the “honey oil” that caused the explosion. He was sentenced to 30 days in the Placer County Juvenile Detention Center and must perform 60 hours of community service. He was ordered to contribute payments toward the $12,550 restitution amount. The teen was also injured during the explosion. Charges brought against a 25-year-old woman who was also in the apartment at the time of the blast were dismissed, Campos said. ~Staff report