Merge, stop signs make it safer to travel in Penryn

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As a citizen of the town of Penryn I am writing to express my gratitude to Supervisor Jim Holmes for the addition of stop and merge signs around the Penryn library and post office. I have been a Penryn resident for more than 25 years and have been concerned about the gradual increase in traffic and the lack of appropriate road signs. Many pedestrians and bicycle riders enjoy using the peaceful roads of Penryn, but the lack of signage at the intersection of English Colony and Rippey Roads puts them at risk. Supervisor Holmes listened to my concerns and contacted the Placer County Public Works Department which, along with Supervisor Holmes, conducted a thorough evaluation of the traffic conditions in the area and concluded that stop and yield signs were warranted. As a driver, and occasional pedestrian, I now feel safer getting my mail and using the library. Thank you, Supervisor Holmes, for listening to a concerned citizen, considering the issue, and taking appropriate action. This is just one of many improvements that I have noticed you have made in the Penryn area. Congratulations to you, and the citizens of Placer County, for another four years as a supervisor. Nancy Colwell Penryn