Mess predates the tea party

Reader Input
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Perhaps a bit of reality ought to creep in on the recent tea party mess. If they had stood their ground and not raised the debt ceiling, the default would have had not only severe economic consequences (the money had already been charged on our government credit), but the world was watching this self-inflicted, anti-democratic act and wondering if the patients are running the asylum. Total fall-out to be determined. No one can deny that we have fiscal and governmental management issues that need to be aggressively addressed, however, Grover Norquist and his band of brothers (tea party) have to be out of their minds to sign a pledge about not raising taxes under any circumstances. Seems to me an earlier generation in Germany marched behind an unelected leader with well-known consequences. This mess actually started under the (George W.) Bush administration with the now well-known two unfunded wars, a Medicare drug supplement and a tax cut all backed by a vice president who once made a statement that deficit spending doesn’t matter. In addition, unregulated sub-prime banking practices also occurred in this time frame. Geary C. Tiffany, veteran, former Republican, Auburn