A message of importance to citizens

Reader Input
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During the late 1940s and the ’50s, one of the history textbooks said, “They will infiltrate into our government disguising themselves, as helpers, teachers, CEOs, etc. ... in the schools starting with kindergarten, grammar, high school and college and other place of business.” This was also told to us by the teachers who taught us history. So, people out there, (American citizens), are you all ready to say “Heil Hitler”? American citizens, listen up. You need to band together and make the government hear us. We all have loud voices when we want and especially if someone ticks us off, so let’s use those voices very loud and clear and vote these people out of office in the next election so we can take our America back before it’s too late. If you think that this could never happen here or in our time, look around you. It’s happening right now, before your very eyes! Remember, vote “them” out in 2012! Thank you to all the American citizens who will vote them out! Lois Piscitelli, Meadow Vista