Methinks we be hoodwinked

Reader Input
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It appears like there might be a new tailor in town! Similar to the story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,” this tailor might be trying to hoodwink some folks and pocket your money in the process. When questions are asked of city of Auburn employees (yes, our employees) and the developer of the proposed Baltimore Ravine project, often the answers include “trust me,” “I’m so happy to hear from the community,” “look at my project in Roseville,” “we’ll listen to everyone.” If these platitudes and half-truths give you confidence that this project is being presented to you in a transparent and factual manner, you might just have fallen under the spell of the tailor. In Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story, the tailor’s “real” intent was to deceive, defraud and skip town, much richer for his efforts. Citizens, be wary and be aware! Remember, not every new idea is good one. Personally, I see little or no benefit to Auburn from this proposed project and “millions” of reasons for the developer to pursue the radical changes and impacts included in the proposed Baltimore Ravine project. JUDY K. EMMERT, Auburn