Michael Ford left lasting impression

Reader Input
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In recent weeks and months, there has been much discussion on the impact of schools and teachers on students. This weekend, I was reminded of the impact that students sometimes have on their teacher and on their school. The passing of Michael Ford last Saturday has brought back memories of Michael while he was in my class. All teachers expect that their students pay attention, do their work and conduct themselves well. Michael exceeded those expectations. At a time when I seriously considered leaving the teaching profession, Michael brought a joy and a gracious respect to my classroom. He had an integrity about him that even his peers admired. He made me realize that the light we inspire in each of our students is not only given back to us, but shared with others throughout the community long after they have left our classrooms. I have seen Michael several times since he graduated St. Joseph Catholic. Recently, he came back to our school to help coach the boys’ basketball team. Even when I met him at the bus stop, or at the store, he emanated the gracious joy he had in seventh grade. Looking back, I see the seeds we plant bloom everywhere our students go. Thank you, Michael. You will be missed! Mira Wordelman, “Mrs. Dubs” at St. Joseph Catholic School, Foresthill