Micro-budget film scores big

Reader Input
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The young team behind the “No Parking” film is to be applauded for following their dreams, some of which were realized by the generosity of the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital and Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Foundation. Mindy Danovaro, director of the Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital Foundation, was immediately supportive when our office suggested the production ask the hospital if they might shoot several scenes there. There were several hurdles to overcome before the hospital could welcome them in. Mindy’s professionalism plus her prior experience as a Hollywood agent helped steer the production team the right way. She acted as den mother and finished as an invaluable member of the production. She identified appropriate resources, scheduling filming late at night, minimizing disruption. Once their 13-hour day ended, Mindy, who was always “on set,” on her time, had helped with rewriting scenes, casting, script supervising and set design and moving equipment used as props to ensure safety. This micro-budgeted film garnered scenes of high production value which would not have been possible without Mindy’s commitment. In return, the filmmakers are donating to the foundation. Mindy, the foundation and the hospital have my sincere thanks for their support nurturing our talented youth. Beverly Lewis, director, Placer-Lake Tahoe Film Office, Auburn