Middle class shouldered with burden

Reader Input
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In answer to Mr. (Cornelius) Ough, (Reader Input, Dec. 6): I believe you have a Fox-slanted view of the 99 percent movement. The protesters are not asking for something for nothing. If you go talk to these people, I think you would find that out. If some protesters are jobless, remember the giant, sucking sound of jobs going to other countries that Ross Perot warned us about? That has happened! The protest is about the fact that since 1979 the average income of the bottom 90 percent has decreased by $900 while the top 1 percent has seen their earnings increase by over $700,000. And their tax rate has decreased. No matter what Fox tells you, we, the middle class, are shouldering the greatest part of the tax burden. Young people no longer expect to surpass their parents in lifetime earnings. The protest is also about high tuition costs. Most students who manage to go to college are saddled with years of paying off huge student loans. How many brilliant minds are we losing because of out-of-sight tuition costs? You’re wrong about the cause of the current recession. There was no “pressure on the banks to loan for house borrowing.” The pressure was from the greed of the banks who divided up these loans and sold the pieces until nobody knows who owns the houses. The banks loved giving out these loans. They made lots of money for a while. I think that maybe the protesters are not causing as many problems as Fox would lead you to believe. Maybe they are bringing awareness to the fact that there is a problem in the way our society is headed. I think Washington is beginning to get it — at least I hope so! Paulette Walter, Colfax