Middle-schoolers treated like royalty during Renaissance-themed event

Reader Input
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Regarding “Do the ‘buxom wenches’ need to be so saucy?,” (Reader Input, May 10): Obviously she was not there. If she had been, she would have known that this was a closed school event, and our children were safe and secure under the protection of a royal guard fit for a queen. Supervision was provided by a well-prepared group of volunteers, parents and school staff. E.V. Cain students and many other visiting seventh-graders were truly blessed by this magical event due to the planning and organizing of the E.V. Cain teachers. Good job, Shirley Paris! As a parent volunteer, I witnessed my daughter and her peers soak up the marvels and receive hands-on experience of the times. The countless hours and heart that went into this event for our kids is commended by me, a mom who watched more learning in one afternoon than can be taught in a year’s worth of classes. To hear one suggest perversion or anything else inappropriate maddens me. How dare you install fear into our community and parents, slapping the faces of a group so dedicated to our children. Keep up the good work, E.V. Cain teachers. Jamie Morrison, Auburn