Mike Babich understands our values

Reader Input online
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This past week, I became very disgusted by a “hit piece” by Rick Keene against Doug LaMalfa. I do not know these two men, but Mr. Keene made my decision very easy. In the course of a couple of weeks, I received a number of advertisements for each candidate. They were topical and mostly on point with my concerns. Reading these materials as well as researching each candidate, I was leaning toward Mr. LaMalfa. However, the distasteful, illogical, and largely rhetorical hyperbole issued by the Keene camp was offensive. It was offensive because it failed to back up the claims made by the candidate and his camp. It listed such websites as “”. I dare you to find the exact information the piece is claiming is on this site. I view this as a duplicity encouraged by all those who support and campaign on behalf of Keene as well. You reap what you sow. Further, it seems like Keene’s camp is simply saying, “Vote for me because Tom McClintock supports me.” How can I take such an endorsement seriously? The good Congressman fails to live within OUR district! What right does he have to suggest who is best for this district? He effectively still represents his Southern California district at the expense of proper representation of OUR congressional district. I support leaders who have a sense of realism and honesty about them. I believe that Mr. LaMalfa is such a leader and I will vote for him for State Senate. Further, I would encourage everyone in this congressional district to vote for Colonel Mike Babich for Congress so we can be represented by someone who understands OUR values. Jean Short, Lincoln