Missing that ?57 Chevy

Reader Input
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My wife and I enjoyed reading “All those years ago ...” in the Journal today (June 13).
We moved to Auburn in 1959 and rented our first home at Riley’s Corner where East Lincoln Way begins. In 1961 we bought our first home on Shields Avenue next door to the Klingensmiths and Cliff Merriam was our Realtor and friend.
In 1962, Bob and Doris Jordan purchased their home and became our new neighbors. Their daughter, Sue, became our babysitter and their son, Jim, who we saw recently, is now a school teacher in the San Juan School District.
Highland Hospital where Jim got his stitches was at the old Lubeck Mansion only a block away from our home. Our younger son was born there in 1960. The Auburn Faith Hospital was built a few years later.
The Lemmon Chevrolet ad also brought back memories. Through the years we purchased three cars from Gary Lemmon, the son of the owner. I wish I still had that ’57 Chevy now that it is a classic car, not to mention the ’61 Corvair.
We love Auburn and have gotten along quite nicely without Walmart. Sorry, I just had to throw that in.
Roger Perkins, Auburn