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Mixed reviews for content on Journal opinion page

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I am writing to comment on three items that appeared on the opinion page Friday, Sept. 19. First, the so-called “cartoon” by Andy Lukkonen insinuating that Senator Tom McClintock was solely responsible for the delay in approval of the State Budget, is ridiculous at best. Tom and others refused to sign on to a budget that was, and still is, seriously flawed. It is too bad, indeed, that our Democrat-controlled State Legisla-ture cannot understand that we in California cannot continue to spend more money than the state takes in. We are fortunate to have a statute that says a two-thirds majority vote is required to approve a budget in the legislature. Secondly, there was a letter from a Charlie Brown supporter who saw no wrong with Brown appearing at a demonstration by an anti-war crowd who hung a serviceman in effigy in Sacramento. This was a terrible injustice and an insult to all our troops standing in harms way. Yes, these people have the right to protest as they see fit, thanks to the efforts of the servicemen and servicewomen they so revile. Lastly, the Above All cartoon by Bud Pisarek really hit the nail on the head. In the cartoon Bud tries to make a comparison between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, stating that “Palin is no Hillary.” Thank God for that. Jack Poulsen Auburn