MLK’s dream alive in Auburn

Reader Input
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Once again the Martin Luther King community celebration was an inspiring and delightful success. Events such as these require the help of a lot of people who deserve a tip of the hat. Thanks to the Auburn Journal for its support and particularly Gus Thomson for his participation; to Supervisors Jim Holmes and Jennifer Montgomery and Pastor Barbara Smith for their thoughtful comments and her lovely blessing. Special thanks are due to all those from the New Home Baptist Church who sang or otherwise participated, to Joyce Silva for her expert direction of the children’s play, and to the many folks from the Sierra Foothills Unitarian-Universalists, the host church, who supported in so many ways. Finally, our appreciation to Angela Tahti and the Placer Arts for their financial and administrative support — and for all who attended and celebrated with us. Thanks for helping to keep the dream alive! Larry Smith, coordinating committee, Auburn