Mobilize tenants at mobile home park

Reader Input
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With all the complaining at Glen Oaks Mobile Home Park residents (“Unsafe conditions fill Auburn mobile home park, residents say,” Journal, April 22), it brought back memories of mine.
Back in 1969, after coming back from overseas, I was reassigned to Suffolk County Air Force Base, Long Island, N.Y. My wife and I shared an old, falling down, two-story, in need of major repairs. We were downstairs while another couple with a newborn was up stairs.
My deal with the owner was that I would do the yard work (waist high in some areas) for a reduction in rent money. It did not take long for me to realize how naive I was. Not only did my windows need a board to hold them open but there were no closets to hang our clothes, and the pipes were so rusted that the water was rusty to taste.
We were very young and inexperienced renters. My neighbors upstairs had lived here four months before us and had been waiting for the owner to install the electrical for the washer/dryer for them. When the first month’s rent came due, the owner completely forgot about our yard work deal.
We, the tenants (actually I did for them and us), proposed to the owner that we would withhold the rent monies until certain items were addressed. That got his attention! We all finally moved out within a week.
So, the folks at the “mobile home park” should realize that they can move (mobile means that you can move) if conditions are as bad as I have read. Withhold the rent with the understanding that when certain items are addressed the rent will be forthcoming.
Yeah, they can evict you but by the time you would have to actually leave, the financial loss to the trailer park would be more than fixing up the dump. And remember, tenants, all of you should act as one voice. You don’t need the government to solve your problems. Good luck.
James McKesson, Auburn