Moffat’s proposals make good sense

Reader Input
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I attended the Meddlers’ meeting last Tuesday morning (Sept. 18) to hear the candidates for (Auburn) City Council. After listening to all three candidates, I have made the decision to cast my vote for Gary Moffat. Gary outlined his proposals to energize Auburn. He has a plan that would make Auburn more attractive to new businesses and lessen the many commercial vacancies in our city. Gary is a businessman and knows what business people look for when considering relocating. He also promised to fight against the current council’s threat to introduce the charter again. As you may recall, Measure A was soundly defeated by Auburn residents in the June primary. But council members Bill Kirby and Keith Nesbitt still insist that the council knows better what is right for Auburn and vow to introduce this measure again. Don’t they trust the citizens of Auburn? We already voted a resounding no on the charter. I hope you will join me in voting for Gary Moffat. Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn