Money spent fighting Prop. 8 not well spent at all

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On June 17 my long-time partner and I were the first gay couple to receive our marriage license from the Placer County Clerk of Courts. Accompanied by our minister and many members of our congregation, we held a religious ceremony to celebrate and publicly recognize our civil commitment to each other. We were featured on the front page of the Auburn Journal. In that process we received congratulatory cards from people we didn’t even know. How wonderful that people recognize the positive and good out of two people making a public commitment. With Proposition 8 on the ballot, other churches have spent millions of dollars to pass this measure that would open the door for more constitutional measures to limit or take away rights of others. This time it’s gay marriage, next could be rights of any other minority that doesn’t fit their definition of acceptable. How unfortunate that those dollars and their energies weren’t spent to help with children’s healthcare, food for the local food closets or to provide shelter for the local homeless. Is it really that important to work to limit rights and support bigotry? Take the money you’re giving to support Prop. 8 and send it to a charity that will do good for others. Robin Richie Rocklin