Monitor that aortic aneurysm

Reader Input
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Not everybody knows that if an abdominal aortic aneurysm ruptures, you have about a minute to live. Aneurysms in other parts of your body give you at least a fighting chance, if you get to the hospital in time. Risk factors for abdominal aneurysm are high blood pressure, previous heart surgery, overweight and past or present smoker. The Lifeline Screening service discovered my “significant other” has an abdominal aneurysm. When he asked his doctor why this simple ultrasound test wasn’t requested previously, his doctor (who is fully aware S.O. has all the risk factors) said, “Nobody does it.” Next time Lifeline Screening comes to this area — you would be wise to pay for this test yourself as there are surgical procedures available if necessary. Monitoring the aneurysm for any increase in size is prudent. Elaine C. Ashton, Auburn