Montgomery cares

Reader Input
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As a resident of Placer County for six decades and former treasurer of the League of Placer County Taxpayers, my main concern when it comes to local government is protecting taxpayer dollars. Jennifer Montgomery has been my supervisor for the past three years and there is no question that she has made this a priority. As a former small business owner, Jennifer knows what it?s like to make ends meet. As county supervisor, she has worked tirelessly to return fiscal responsibility to Placer County. She has stood up against perks and automatic pay-raises for our highest paid county executives and has called for an end to the county?s ?revenue sharing program? (a discretionary fund that allows county supervisors to earmark thousands of our tax-dollars to local organizations of their choice). These days, it seems that everyone running for office says they are a ?fiscal conservative.? Actions, however, speak louder than words. Jennifer Montgomery has been a leader since she arrived in 2008. She?s not been afraid to take an unpopular stand, and has always worked for the people she represents. BETTY SAMSON, North Auburn