Montgomery on the right track

Reader Input
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What? (Supervisor) Jennifer (Montgomery) not performing for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency governing board (Journal, Jan. 26)? That is the most unheard-of reason for her removal. Lake Tahoe belongs to all the people, not just us in California or the Tahoe region, but for the world. People come from all over the globe to visit and enjoy the scenic views and wonderful trails. If it is all developed, what would be left to enjoy? We have to protect Lake Tahoe and Jennifer is one of those people who is doing that very thing. Since Lake Tahoe is for the people, the people should have a say in who represents us. I know Jennifer Montgomery represents me and respectfully request that a public hearing be held so we the people can have a voice. It doesn’t matter which district we live in, Lake Tahoe is for all of us.   Millee Livingston, Auburn