Montgomery speaks as a citizen-politician

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This election cycle things are in such a mess that all candidates for public office are claiming to be agents of change. Some have a legitimate claim and some have simply jumped on the change bandwagon. Jennifer Montgomery, the first-time candidate for supervisor from the 5th District, has a legitimate claim, especially when compared with her opponent, Bruce Kranz, one of the last holdouts from the discredited John Doolittle machine. Montgomery, who lives near Serene Lakes in the high country with her fireman husband, is a first-time candidate running to make sure that the voices of ordinary Placer County citizens of all persuasions are heard over the incessant demands of outside developers. A Montgomery victory will change the Board of Supervisors significantly, making it a deliberative body again, rather than a rubber stamp for those who want the unrestricted right to pave over our beautiful natural heritage. Montgomery is the real thing, a citizen politician determined to bring common sense change to Placer politics. Brian Hassett Meadow Vista