Montserrat tree plan leaves questions unanswered

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I’d like to provide another perspective on the Montserrat tree plan. There were many reasons for my no vote, not least of which is that most of my numerous questions and concerns were insufficiently answered. I submitted three pages of them weeks in advance, yet we only received a response a few days before our meeting. It was written by the developer, not the professional consultants, which is odd. He originally tried to place demands on how the on-site workshop was conducted, including the hiring of armed guards, and is now insisting that the appeal be heard in closed session to keep the public out. Sounds like more intimidation to me. We were told the plan will cost the developer about $5 million, but will only cost the town about $155,000 in tree mitigation fees. The open space committee had calculated $1 million. Shouldn’t these numbers be clarified? Council has the right and duty to get written justification of these claims before approval. The idea of preserving habitat rather than individual trees is laudable, but how workable is this plan in the long run? The developer is the HOA for the foreseeable future, as lot sales are apparently slow, which means he will likely be the one calling the shots for years to come. He’s already sued Loomis once, so why should we not be skeptical of his proposals? I volunteer for the citizens of Loomis, not outside developers, and stand by my no vote. Janet Thew Planning Commissioner Loomis