Moonbeam and Nutmeg

Reader Input
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I just read the morning’s Journal and the letter from citizen Donna McCloskey, “Confounded by Brown’s return” (Reader Input, Nov. 10), which is cause to respond. Donna is absolutely correct to be in a state of wonderment. However, I have what I think is an answer for her. (Jerry) Brown should have been very easy to beat but the comments by Meg (Whitman) were untimely and inappropriate to the public. This is hardly a time to brag about her amassed huge wealth. Many are unemployed and struggling just to get by and here was Meg flaunting her being a billionaire status. This was just not smart. I think Meg could have taken $50 million of the over $140 million and helped the state’s worst hurting which would in my opinion have had her winning by a landslide. So Donna, wonder no more. Greed will get ’em all the time. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn