More to the story in Wisconsin

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Mr Beall’s comments in Reader Input (Feb. 22) requires clarification and perspective. He makes the accusation that Wisconsin Governor (Scott) Walker “gave taxbreaks to the same corporate elite.” Translated that means the governor would not raise corporate taxes because he knew it would drive business, which employs thousands of people, out of the state. California has already done that. He claims the governor “wants to curb workers’ ability to fight back by taking away collective bargaining rights previous generations of Americans fought for.” This may come as a big surprise to Beall, but the unions did not fight for collective bargaining. Passing a collective bargaining law was a bribe by Democrat candidates to get elected and continue to stay in office. California Governor Jerry Brown is a product of one of those bribes. Gov. Walker is not “eliminating collective bargaining.” He is requiring that it be a choice whether public employees want to support or not support a union. Forced unionism breeds lack of accountability to its members. Beall berates the governor for “threatening to call the National Guard against protesters.” Well I would do the same if I had hundreds of people crossing my state border, bused in by the unions, to give the illusion that the protest is stronger than it really is. I would be curious to know if hundreds of dollars were extracted from Beale’s paycheck each year and handed over to the Republican Party, would he still support such an unethical practice? Dianne Foster, Foresthill