Mormons don’t start wars

Reader Input
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First of all, lady, how did you have time to write this drivel? (“Romney rushing into distant war,” Reader Input, Sept. 16). You must have an Occupy movement to go to somewhere.
Mormons do not start wars; they are warred upon. Mormons do not preach their religion unless asked about their beliefs.
As far as preacher-in-chief, this is my 12th president and he has been preaching and pointing at me since the inauguration. Never in my lifetime has one man told more lies and put his face in my face every day he has been in office
You are right about one thing. We, the people, should be getting nervous. What did (President Obama) mean when he put his hand on the Russian president’s knee and said, “I will have more leeway after the election”?
It means the Russians will have more nuclear capabilities than us! Your president and (Secretary of State) Hillary (Clinton) are very impressive when it comes to bowing and apologizing to the world for the American way of life.
I, for one, am tired of this president saluting the American flag with his hands over his crotch and preaching to me like Jeremiah Wright.
Yes, I’m very nervous — because of people like you.
Chuk Lawshe, Pilot Hill