Mortgage companies not willing to help during crisis

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Interest Rates: Many of us have found ourselves in a very unfortunate situation. Adjustable-rate mortgages that were a good fit at the time, but who knew that just when you are about to get out of it, everything goes topsy-turvy! If you are a small business owner with decent credit, but not A-plus, the rules have changed for qualifying for a refinance. Jumping through all of the hoops and then some, trying to do the right thing, and being strung along for three months with the very good hopes of getting relief from the mortgage company by way of a modification in your interest rate or anything ... only to be told no, we can't help you. The way I see it the mortgage companies are going to make money no matter what they charge for interest. It is a matter of being fair or being greedy. After our ordeal I believe greedy. I wonder how many people could have been saved from losing their homes if the mortgage companies and banks were actually willing to help? Diane Lanthier Weimar